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From Avi Deitcher <>
Subject Re: Run shell script when web application start/restart
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 14:21:21 GMT
I don't think so. You could, theoretically, have a context listener that
then executes a shell script, but that is really messy, and the security
manager probably won't even allow it.

If I understand correctly, you want to have the following happen on
context restart:
- JSP pages get rebuilt from some macros or config files

I can think of two ways to do this. The not-so-great way is to have a
context listener read the config files and generate the pages. The
problem is that I don't know when JSP pages are compiled by the Tomcat
engine - before or after context listeners are invoked. I believe you
can force a re-compilation of the JSP pages at that point, but I am not
sure how.

The much smarter way is to ask why your JSP pages need to be
macro/dynamically generated. JSP includes enough logic tags. Why not
refactor your JSP pages so that they read the configuration files and
output the appropriate information? This would be much cleaner, and
probably wouldn't even require context restart?

Tom Potter wrote:

> Jen,
> Just to make sure that we both talk about the same events :
> I don't want to restart the whole tomcat, only one web application,
> that is, by clicking on the start link(or restart) in on the admin page.
> I don't see how your suggestion would help me... if I'm missing
> something please make it clear to me...
> Rgds
> Thomas
> On 7/13/06, Mead, Jennifer L - VSCM <> wrote:
>> On my box the start and stop scripts are just that.  .sh shell scripts.
>> In your case I would just copy them to a save file and put in an
>> execution string.  The start scripts are in tomcat_home/bin.
>> Jen
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Tom Potter []
>> Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2006 5:28 AM
>> To:
>> Subject: Run shell script when web application start/restart
>> The JSP pages in the Web application I install under Tomcat 4.1.30 are
>> based on some configuration files the user wants to modify, thus I wrote
>> a shell script to rebuild the JSP pages and repopulate the webapps
>> folder.
>> My question is that is there a way to hook up my shell script with the
>> webapp start/stop proces so it would run at every startup, in other
>> words the user would activate my script by restarting the application ?
>> Thanks
>> Thomas
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Avi Deitcher

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