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From Madhur K Tanwani <>
Subject Tomcat 5.5 load balancing URL redirefction not transparent to client
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 07:52:52 GMT
I'm separating this question from my earlier thread on load balancing 
rules - it
seems that it was over-looked there since it did not fit in there :(.

My question is that when I use the default balancer webapp from Tomcat 
5.5 the
redirection rules redirect me to either jakarta, cnn or yahoo's site. 
the redirection is not transparent to the user.

for example,
Client Types : http://servername:8080/balancer/
Balancer Redirects To:
*The browser URL changes to  :*

I think this change of URL does not make the transition transparent. 
Also, the
subsequent requests bypass the load balancer(LB) and are directly served 
by the
server (so what happens if the server is down - the LB has support for 
fail over
but the request never went via the LB)

Please could someone throw some light on the same?
Awaiting responses,

Madhur Kumar Tanwani

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