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From Suba Suresh <>
Subject Context destroyed while paging results
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2006 14:43:17 GMT
I apologize upfront if this is not the right group. I did not know 
whether to post the question here or in lucene user list.

I am using a servlet to display the search results for our search.Lucene 
recommends requery if there are more than one page of results. I had 
saved the earlier parameter values in the servlet's variables. So, I 
have the following html code

out.print("<a href = 

+ " 2 " +"</a>");

When I click on "2" on the resultpage tomcat shutsdown and my context 
gets destroyed. My catalina and the localhost log files are not being 
helpful to debug it.

I know I must be doing something really studpid. So, what is it?

suba suresh.

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