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From Madhur K Tanwani <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 5.5 Load Balancing Rule Classes
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2006 06:54:36 GMT
Thanks Michael, for your reply. I've almost got my setup up and working 
with Tomcat load balancer, session affinity and replication.

But, we have not yet answered the question, it seems. Here are some that 
stick :
- does Tomcat 5.5 release incorporate advance Rule Classes? (RoundRobin 
/ Weighted).
- Are there guidelines to develop such Rule Classes? Has anyone 
developed such Rule Classes that are being used widely in production?
- How can I avoid the change of the URL in the browser, when using 
Tomcat 5.5. balancer webapp? My colleague once implemented a Apache load 
balancer and did not see any URL change in the browser- so I assume it 
is possible.

I followed the connector how-to Michael sent. However, it seems to be 
integrating Apache with Tomcat, with Apache as the load balancer. I 
realize that this maybe the most common configuration (Apache as the 
load balancer with tomcat as workers).

But is that the only way? I mean, is using Tomcat 5.5's balancer webapp 
any performance hit as compared to using Apache as the load balancer? Or 
is it because the Tomcat 5.5 balancer webapp has not matured enough, and 
Apache has been the choice since history? Or is it something else that I 
don't know yet!!

I searched the tomcat-user list on MARC and found a post by Fritz 
which enlists the reasons why the use of Apache-Tomcat couple would be 
required (keeping in mind that post Tomcat 4 the devs have enhanced 
Tomcat to serve  html pages most efficiently).

What I would like this thread to evolve into, is a comparison chart for 
Apache load balancing Vs Tomcat balancer webapp and source to load 
balancer Rule Classes for Tomcat 5.5.

Awaiting your valuable responses,
Thanks a lot,


Michael Echerer wrote:
> Madhur K Tanwani wrote:
>> I am trying to build a
>> load balancer which enforces the following :-
>>    - chooses from the available "alive" workers from the cluster,
>>      in a Round-Robin / Least-Load-First manner
>>    - implements session affinity
> See:
>>    - includes fail over support with session replication, so there is no
>> loss
>>      of session data
>>    - The transition is transparent to the user. Hence, whatever be the
>>      "redirectURL", the URL in the browser should not change
> See:
>> On another note, I wanted to ask the clustering and load-balancing gurus,
>> whether I've taken up the correct approach. I see that many load balancing
>> tutorials focus on Apache as the load balancer with Tomcat as the worker
>> in clusters. But since most of them are old, I assume the new Tomcat 5.5
>> features did not make it then - hence the question.
> You can use Apache2, mod_jk1.2 and Tomcat's session replication for what
> you plan to do. However session replication looks as easy as putting
> <distributable/> into web.xml, but actually keeping the webapp session
> serializable and small has to be kept in mind always.
> Cheers,
> Michael
Madhur Kumar Tanwani

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