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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: Includes that Forward
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 13:03:42 GMT
Personally, I think it's bad design to have an include do a forward and 
then expect the forward content to replace the include.  A forward, even 
from an include, should replace the entire content of the would be 

The behavior you are looking for could be done easily (and more cleanly) 
with a little jsp logic that essentially chooses to render or perform a 
third tier include.

This is purely my opinion though.  I'll take the way Tomcat handles the 
case over the way Resin and Jetty handle it.


Tim Fennell wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm wondering what the expected behaviour is when a JSP that is 
> included from another JSP then forwards to a third JSP?  As an example:
>    - start.jsp
>        - some content on start.jsp
>        - _include_ included.jsp
>            - some content on included.jsp
>            - _forward_ to forwarded.jsp
>                - content on forwarded.jsp
>            - some content (on included.jsp) after the forward
>        - some content on start.jsp after the include
> Does the above example make sense?  I was able to dig up this bug 
> (which was closed INVALID) for Tomcat 4:
> I'm using Tomcat 5.5.17 and what happens is that *only* the content on 
> the inner-most forwarded page is output to the response.  Actually - 
> in my case it's some code deep down in the framework causing 
> exceptions to be thrown, but I believe it's the same problem as 
> exhibited by the test case I've put together using three JSPs.
> Now, granted, the spec does say that on Forward the response buffer 
> should be cleared, and after the forward it should be closed.  So it's 
> arguable that Tomcat is doing the right thing.  However, I'll point 
> out that Resin and Jetty 6 both do different things here - so clearly 
> how a Forward is handled *inside* of an Include is open to a lot of 
> interpretation.  I think the problem is that the specification doesn't 
> really address the case of a Forward happening nested inside an 
> Include :/
> Personally I feel like the only sensible option (from a user's 
> perspective) is to treat each include in the manner of a nested 
> transaction.  So in the example above, I would expect the content from 
> the outer (start.jsp) page to be rendered, along with the content from 
> the inner most (forwarded.jsp), but that the content from included.jsp 
> would be omitted in keeping with how the servlet specification defines 
> the semantics of a Forward.
> Are you guys open to discussing how this is handled in Tomcat?  Btw. 
> if this is a dicussion more appropriate for the dev list, just let me 
> know and I'll post there instead.
> -Tim Fennell
> Stripes: Because web development should just be easier
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