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From Avi Deitcher <>
Subject Re: log4j in webapp hanging Tomcat?
Date Sun, 02 Jul 2006 11:17:11 GMT

Thank you, too. The main issue here is that I *do* want to separate my
webapp's logging from Tomcat's, so it can be fully self-contained.
Hence, I included log4j.jar and within my own webapp,
which should make a lot of sense. In the development case, I am pushing
the logs to the console, which end up intermixes with Tomcat's logs, but
that is an easy switch in Also, it appears that
x4juli, according to the Website, is not quite ready for production.

Any idea why this would cause hanging?

Boris Unckel wrote:

> Hello Avi,
> Avi Deitcher wrote:
>> Bob,
>> Thanks. Unfortunately, I am running it on my laptop (Windows) where I
>> need to keep it for now as a dev environment. I run a small consulting
>> business, this is an "on the side" product that need to be run whenever
>> I can catch time.
>> I would love to be able to get Tomcat to tell me what it is doing, but I
>> am afraid that enabling logging in Tomcat itself might pollute the
>> environment and make the problem worse.
>> Ironically, Tomcat has neither log4j nor commons-logging in its
>> $TOMCAT_HOME/common/lib nor server/lib, which makes me wonder how it is
>> using commons-logging in its own classes at all....
> by default the internal logging of Tomcat 5.5 is done via
> commons-logging to Tomcat-juli, which
> itself is a java.util.logging implementation.
> If you remove any direct log4j calls from your webapp and configure
> apache-tomcat-5.5.16\conf\
> properly, you will use the same system by default.
> Have a look at:
> Maybe you are interested in a more extended version:
> Regards
> Boris
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Avi Deitcher

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