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From "Leon Rosenberg" <>
Subject Re: RE: BOOBIES!
Date Sun, 23 Jul 2006 14:18:30 GMT
On 7/23/06, <> wrote:
> By resisting the thread (an understandable and perfectly reasonable tack) you have missed
some facts. I (who posted a link to a bird) was very definitely not the original poster nor
did I use any of the other words that some have found so offensive. I simply thought by injecting
a light-hearted jest (the picture of the bird) into the overheated atmosphere that others
might use the opportunity to regain some perspective on the situation.
> Another reader (who apparently also wasn't paying close attention) called me a "low-life"
without so much as clicking on the link. This person, who goes by the pseudonym "Dakota Jack",
in so-doing has done me a undeserved public injury by libeling me in this forum.
> Unlike "Dakota Jack" my real name appears here, and being recklessly and carelessly called
a "low-life" in a public forum has the potential to do some real harm to my reputation.

You probably haven't been active on the struts-user/dev mailig lists,
otherwise you would know, that "Dakota Jack" has the honour of being
in must incoming > dev/null filters world wide.


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