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From "Alex Jalali" <>
Subject DigestAthenticator and session registeration
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 23:38:44 GMT

I have extented the DigestAthenticator and everything is working fine. but
after the first authentication the register(...) method of the base class
does not create the internal session and set the cookie. So for every
request I have to go to database and re-authenticate.

This is version 5.5.15 but I also looked and .16 and .17 and something is
not working in register(...) of base class.

I am not sure how the internal session and setting of cookie works in
tomcat to override the register method but I think there is something
wrong. I pass the right parameters and test them and see they are correct
and are not null or anything. when I call register it does not do the job.

Anyone else has come across this problem?

many thanks

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