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From Jan Line <>
Subject Re: Problem with next error during login: Number of simultaneous users reached
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 14:35:00 GMT
  The idea is to discover why we are getting during login the error: "Number of 
  simultaneous users reached". Firstly we thought that this error was due because
  we were exceeding the maxusers=20 limit (that is, more than 20 users using
  the app simultaneously). We thought that this maxusers was a tomcat general parameter
  but now we think that is a particular parameter for this web app. What is now clear
  is that when we have 2 active sessions according to ant output then we get this
  error, but time ago we were able to open more sessions without problems, so it
  seems that something has changed the behaviour and here is where we are now.
  Does it exist any other parameter/config in tomcat which limit the number of
  active sessions per web app or a general limit (which was default=2 as we see)?

Andrew Miehs <> wrote:
  I do not really understand what you are trying to do here...

But you may get more information from http:///manager/status

As for 'maxUsers' in web.xml - no idea what that command does - never 
seen it before.



On 25/07/2006, at 4:03 PM, Jan Line wrote:

> Andrew,
> I have read your pointed link and now I am able to check the 
> number of active
> sessions for our application. I cannot modify anything on the 
> target machine
> but the ant tool was already installed so we prepared a build.xml 
> file with a project with default target list (using the example 
> provided on the link) and we got this useful info:

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