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From Jan Line <>
Subject Re: Problem with next error during login: Number of simultaneous users reached
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 14:03:42 GMT
  I have read your pointed link and now I am able to check the number of active
  sessions for our application. I cannot modify anything on the target machine
  but the ant tool was already installed so we prepared a build.xml file with a project with
default target list (using the example provided on the link) and we got this useful info:
  Before trying to login:
      [list] /mywebapp:running:0:mywebapp
  This time we couldnt get the expected and the login was successful, then we ran
  again ant:
      [list] /mywebapp:running:1:mywebapp
  and this time seems that we have 1 active session. Then we logout and ran again
  the ant which is still giving 1 active session. Do you know if this session remains
  active till session-timeout? The session-timeout for this app is defined in web.xml
  to 10 (which we assume is 10 minutes).
  Finally we got the error and this time the ant output was:
   [list] /mywebapp:running:2:mywebapp
  so it seems that when we have 2 active sessions we reach the maximum
  number of simultaneous users, but we saw that maxusers=20 in web.xml file for this web app,
do you understand  why we are getting the error?
  On the other side we saw that it does exist another manager task which is sessions
  that gives a stats of the sessions for a web app, but we dont know how to prepare
  a build.xml file with this target, could you point us how to do it?
  Thanks again,

Andrew Miehs <> wrote:
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This is per default installed with Tomcat 5.0

You will need to add a role to tomcat/conf/users.xml



On 25/07/2006, at 2:51 PM, Jan Line wrote:

> Thanks Leon for the pointer. I see that lambdaprobe may help with 
> our issue.
> But we cannot install this new application because our production 
> environment
> is very concerned about new tools. That is the reason we are 
> trying to get some
> info with solaris tools. We are limited but for the moment is the 
> only toolkit
> we may use.
> See you,

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