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From Bob Hall <>
Subject Re: Tomcat shutdowns unexpectedly - Please help
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2006 08:13:44 GMT
--- Arunan Kannan <> wrote:

> I have found the solution to this problem.
> The problem is when we start a tomcat in solaris
> from a user shell (like
> telnet) , then when the shell quits, the tomcat
> might get stopped.
> The bourne shell gives the shutdown signal when the
> shell quits, to kill the
> tomcat process.
>  The solution to this problem is we should
> start/stop tomcat using C-shell.


Your Tomcat server was stopping because the
process running it received a SIGHUP signal
when the login shell exited.  This behavior
is configurable and the setting is usually
governed by security policy since you might
not want to allow all users to launch processes
that continue after they logout.

Look at the man page for 'nohup' for more info.

BTW, 'ssh' is preferred over 'telnet' for security


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