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From Alan Meyer <>
Subject Re: Tomcat on a server
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2006 13:55:32 GMT

> is it possible to have one tomcat running on a server and allow
> multiple clients to execute their programs on the tomcat
> running on the server without affecting other clients
> execution.How can we configure tomcat for this purpose?

If I understand everything correctly, when Tomcat receives a
request it creates a new thread and runs the servlet in that
thread that matches the servlet or JSP requested.

Multiple requests can be processed concurrently, whether they are
requests for the same servlet or for different servlets.

Each thread will normally get its own stack for automatically
allocated variables and objects.  Depending upon how your program
is written however, it is possible for the threads to interfere
with each other if they use any static variables - so you must
use synchronization if it is required.


Alan Meyer

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