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From Alec Swan <>
Subject Re: Serving CSS files from a certain URL
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2006 17:16:04 GMT
Beautiful! I'll give it a try!

Hassan Schroeder <> wrote: On 7/5/06, Alec Swan  wrote:

> I like your idea of using filters to rewrite CSS paths. Could you give
> me a hint on how to do that best?

Actually, if you're in a hurry, you could just use the URL Rewrite Filter
  -- see  -- an incredibly handy tool for lots
of other things as well  :-)

Writing your own would be pretty simple, though -- grab any request
that ends in '.css' , substring off the unwanted parts and forward to
the "correct" URL. Or if you only have a small number of style sheets,
you could put the original and "fixed" URLs in a HashMap and save
the string processing.  TMTOWTDI. :-)

Hassan Schroeder ------------------------

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