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From Alec Swan <>
Subject Re: Serving CSS files from a certain URL
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2006 14:53:37 GMT
Web designers don't run web servers or servlet containers on their machines. (I call their
environment "static"). They just create web pages using Dreamweaver and preview them in different
browsers. So, in my running example Test.jsp would have the following relative link ../../css/Styles.css
in order for it to work in the "static" environment.

However, this relative link doesn't work when I deploy Test.jsp in Tomcat. Suppose I deploy
my web-app under /testapp context. In this case, Test.jsp would have to link to the css file
through one of the following links:
../testapp/css/Styles.css or
Neither of which work in the "static" environment used by web designers.

I hope this elucidates the problem a little further. So, the question persists, what is the
right way to get links to CSS files to work in static as well as deployed environment?


Hassan Schroeder <> wrote: On 7/4/06, Alec Swan  wrote:

> I need to reference Styles.css from Test.jsp in such a way that it works in static as
well as in deployed mode. Note that for this to work in the static mode (no web servers or
servlet containers) all paths should be relative. Therefore, when I deploy Test.jsp I want
Tomcat either to handle relative paths correctly or ignore the path altogether and just serve
all CSS file from a certain location (directory or URL).
> The goal of all this is to maintain only one source tree used by web designers and Tomcat
administrator and avoid changing paths in JSP files during deployment.
> I would appreciate any feedback on this.

OK, since you asked :-)  -- this seems a really strange requirement;
are your "web designers" unable to run a Tomcat instance to work

But in any case, using relative links to a css file works fine on a test
page I just did that mirrors your described files. So *exactly* how is
this not working for you?

Hassan Schroeder ------------------------

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