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From Wade Chandler <>
Subject Re: log4j in webapp hanging Tomcat?
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2006 01:19:49 GMT
--- Avi Deitcher <> wrote:

> To add to it: I kept two webapps running and had
> them
> System.out.println(logger), where each is in the
> same category/class, to
> check that each one is running its own; it is. I
> then removed every
> webapp I could and ran it again with just the simple
> filter + index.jsp
> to check. Same result. Sigh.

Try to setup a file appender and see if you get any
remotely similar behaviour.  If not then my guess
would be some kind of monitor is locked and code
either in Tomcat or commons logging or log4j is
deadlocked.  Before setting up the file appender look
at the process for Tomcat in the windows "Task
Manager" and see how many CPU cycles it is using at
this point.  If it is eating up the CPU then it isn't
a deadlock and is some infinite recursive loop (more
than likely) some where such as your log call keeping
on calling another log call some how down the stack or
something weird like that.  If the CPU isn't really
being used at all then my first guess would be a


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