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Subject [Tomcat] Looking for JSESSIONID in Tomcat
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2006 07:38:39 GMT


My cuurent work relates to a context where we want to update a J2EE application
without stopping it. So it exists a period during which we have two kinds of
clients :
Those who are working on the "old version" and the others who are working on the
"new version".
As a result we have to separate both, this separation is possible because of the
use of the cookie JSESSIONID.

I have modified a load balancer (mod_jk) to do this, but when the load balancer
receives a HTTP request it can't know whether the session is always available
or not (Indeed a session may expire and the cookie bind to it becomes invalid).

So I want to know if it is possible for an external program to test if a session
exists on the Tomcat server? Or what is the name of the structure/object
managing Tomcat's cookies in a cluster? Or how does Tomcat make to know if
cookie is valid?



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