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From "Sander A. Smith" <>
Subject HTTP request to an SSL port
Date Sat, 15 Jul 2006 20:02:56 GMT
I have a web application that requires SSL. I've successfully 
configured a CoyoteConnector on 443 with SSL, and things work 

My problem is that sometimes, access to the application is attempted at

instead of (or

When you try to access the application with http instead of https you 
simply get a bunch of garbage characters returned. I assume that these 
characters are the beginning of the SSL handshake which is never going 
to be completed.

Is there any way for me to redirect the http requests to their https 
equivalents? Tomcat seems to be taking over the whole ssl handshake so 
that I can't step in and try to save the situation before it fails.

Any ideas on what I can do? Unfortunately, educating my users is not 
an option because it is not stupid people that are causing the 
problem, but rather a poorly written applet that I have no control 


Sander A. Smith

Sericon Technology Inc.
71 Marquette Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M6A 1X8

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