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From "Markus" <>
Subject RE: Apache, mod_jk and Tomcat looses sessions
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2006 19:39:18 GMT
Christopher Schultz wrote on Monday, July 31, 2006 6:42 PM:
> Markus,
>>> I try to create a redirect to a page with a session-id if there is no
>>> session. Seems to be easy, but in combination with apache/mod_jk my
>>> servlet redirects unlimited because it doesn't recognizes the created
>>> session. 
>>> Btw: Cookies are disabled, this is important.
> It looks like you are not handling the situation where the user has
> requested a session with an ID but the session does not exist. I don't
> think that Tomcat will create a session for you unless you ask.
> Somewhere, you'll need to actually generate the session id using a call
> to request.getSession(true). Otherwise, the encodeRedirectURL method will
> not have a session id to add.    
> If the session is mandatory, I recommend changing:
>     request.getSession(false)
> to
>     request.getSession(true)
> This will create a session if one does not exist.
> The logic in the method to determine if a redirect is necessary seems ...
> overly complex? Maybe a little cleanup would help. 

Thanks for your quick answer. The problem I want to solve is only to create
a session if ist really needed, so #redirectToURLWithSID is a little bit
more complicated that this. Your suggestion is already made in line 44,
don't know if you haven't seen it or if I didn't get you.

Beste Grüße / best regards Markus Meissner

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