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From Danny Lee <>
Subject Tomcat as a standalone webserver. Why not?
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2006 10:05:38 GMT
Hi guys!

I wondering if it's really so good to use Tomcat behind "a real" web 
server like Apache or IIS.

In my Tomcat 5 book there are two reasons to do it so:

1. Tomcat is not as secure as common web servers, especially if 	you 
want  to use CGI and SSI (I don't think I want to)

2. Tomcat is slow delivering static content.

Well, as long it's just planned to use only 1 server for my application,
I don't think the both points are true for me. On the Tomcat site 
there's a note about performance:

"When using a single server, the performance when using a native 
webserver in front of the Tomcat instance is most of the time 
significantly worse than a standalone Tomcat with its default HTTP 
connector, even if a large part of the web application is made of static 

And security... what about security? Why is Tomcat behind of Apache
more secure then without it, especially (as I said) if both are running
on the same server.

Thanks in advance!



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