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From "Tomimitsu Masaru" <>
Subject any way to share objects between non-clustered tomcat instances ?
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2006 08:33:12 GMT
Hello all,

Maybe this has already been discussed, but I dare ask you the question :
are there any ways to share Java objects between non-clustered tomcat
instances ?

When they are clusters, I heard they can share ServletContext's
attributes without problem, is that right ? But in our case, we don't
have tomcat instances as clusters, but in separate JVMs, on several
physically separate machines. 

However, we would like to control users' connections so as to limit the
same login user to have only a limited number (one or two) of authorized
connections to our application. You guys should certainly know such
stories alike.

So, firstly I wanna know 'Yes you can' or 'No you can't' as answer. If
'Yes', then I wanna know how. All answers are welcome for me. If someone
can show me any past discussions on this matter, such answers are also

Masaru Tomimitsu

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