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From "Markus Müller" <>
Subject IIS and Tomcat authentication problems
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 12:26:10 GMT
Hi listers,

I want to use IIS with Tomcat using the the NTLM-detected user name. The
integration of IIS and Tomcat works fine, but not the authentication. I
managed this for a number of Tomcat versions before, but right know I
cannot get it to work.
Im am using:
Tomcat 5.5.12
IIS V6.0
Windows Server 2003

I added tomcatAuthenticatin="false" to my AJP 1.3 connector that resides
von port 8012 (server.xml attached), but the user name simple does not get
Anybody any ideas?



Dr. Markus Müller
l a t / l o n  GmbH (Hamburg)
Gluckstr. 53a			22081 Hamburg, Germany
phone ++49 +177 2470742		fax ++49 +228 18496-29

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