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Subject Re: Apache2 (virtual hosts) + Tomcat5 (one host multiple contexts) + mod_jk +mod_ext_filter (sed)
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 13:06:38 GMT

HOOGHE Gilles wrote:
> Hi,
> I have several small websites/virtual hosts in Apache.
> For each virtual host I want to map the root folder "/" to its own webapp in
> Tomcat using mod_jk.
> The Tomcat documentation describe this using virtual host on both sides Apache and
> Tomcat, this is a setup that is well documented.
> However, in order to simplify configuration and maintenance, I would like to limit
> Tomcat to only one host with several contexts.

I'm not sure that you're actually "simplifying configuration and

> In order to achieve this, I combined mod_rewrite with mod_jk and a custom
> mod_ext_filter using sed.
> - mod_rewrite : to map "/" to the path of the destination webapp, let's say
> /webapp1
> - mod_jk : to transfer the processing to the Tomcat
> - mod_ext_filter + sed : in order to parse and replace the links in the HTML
> output
> As this seems to be quite complicated for such a common task, is there another way
> to achieve this ?
> By the way, this does not handle eventual redirects.

Just do it with several hosts then. It's easier, and it works as
expected, without all the other stuff in Apache.

> thanks
> Gilles

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