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From Troy Davidson <>
Subject Re: Use of Catalina class loader
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2006 21:26:11 GMT

Really simple/stupid question...why not use the Tomcat Manager to do 
this?  You can have the controlling webapp open a url to the manager and 
have the controlling webapp pass a start/stop on the other webapp.

Not sure if you looked at it or not, but had to ask.  Here is a link for 
the manager:

Shimol Shah wrote:
> Hi all,
> As I have also mentioned in one of my previous emails, I want to 
> start/stop
> a web application from another webapplication. In my efforts to achieve
> this, I came across ManagerServlet. All my efforts to bring the similar
> functions in my web-app failed.
> So I went through the Tomcat API docs and found that it mentions that
> ContainerServlet (which is implemented by ManagerServlet) is loaded by
> Catalina class loader and not the standard web application class loader.
> Thinking that it might be the issue that my application residing under
> web-apps and not a part of the server folder, restricts its use of 
> Catalina
> class loader, I moved the web app folder to server\webapps. That 
> didn't help
> too.
> After that, I put only one servlet which implements ContainerServlet 
> from my
> web-app to Manager webapp under /server/lib/webapps/manager/WEB-INF/lib,
> where it started working without any other issues. I assume this is 
> working
> before manager application has some special privileges to use Catalina 
> class
> loader either by some descriptor or by other means.
> So it would really be helpful if anybody can give me some starting 
> pointers
> where I can look for to find out how to change the class loader for 
> the web
> apps so that I can keep using my webapp and can establish control over 
> other
> web-application.
> And also on a side note, I would be thankfule if anybody can point me 
> to any
> other existant ways to control other webapps from one web app.
> My primary purpose to establish control over other webapps is because my
> product is running with different components running as different web 
> apps
> and I want to create a management webapp that controls them.
> Any help is sincerely appreciated,
> Thanks,
> Shimol.

Troy Davidson
Java Programmer
PC/Web Team

8520 South Sandy Parkway
Sandy, UT  84070
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