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From Darryl Miles <>
Subject Re: Tomcat creating two threads for one request
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2006 16:20:31 GMT
ametsi wrote:
> The problem seems to occur by a double submission of the Post. That is, I
> found that except of the “submit” button of the form that I use which
> invokes the jsp, I am also using a small java script, which accidentally
> submits the Post for one more time. I changed the java script and now it
> seems that the jsp is invoked once as expected.

Are you sure you dont have any spyware or malware installed on your 
computer using the browser ?

Some malware intercepts your POST method requests and redirect them to a 
3rd party and then executes the original POST request as a form of 
redirection to the original site.  This can show up as a double request 
coming in within a short space of time from the server side.

One of the previous posters indicated they were using an in-house HTTP 
client, is this built on top of any MS components for HTTP ?  Or a 
complete in-house http client implementation.

Maybe MS Anti-Spyware or Spybot Search and Destroy can assist you to 
confirm with ruling out that possible cause.

If you do find there is a problem it would be helpful to post back to 
this list with a solved or not-solved.



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