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From Andrew Miehs <>
Subject Re: Tomcat's scalability
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 23:53:08 GMT
Not only.

The issue is really whether it make sense to use the operating systems 
process table as a queue or not. Up until linux new threading model in 
Linux kernel 2.6 this was definitely the case. The 2.6 threads are very 
efficient, so most programmers will not notice a real performance 
degredation due to context switching. Threads are great, as long as they 
are used for the purposes of doing multiple jobs at a single time - 
missusing them as a 'connection queue' though is IMHO not a very smart 
idea - This is why I prefer ZEUS and Lighttpd instead of Apache as web 


Alex Turner wrote:
> This discussion focuses primarily on serving static files to a client, not
> processing dynamic web pages.  Most people running tomcat are processing
> dynamic pages, like getting data from a database and compositing a page
> based on that data.
> An FTP site, or a static web site will typically be I/O bound or Network
> bound, and the only way to increase throughput it to increase the number of
> I/Os per second that your server can manage or increase the size of your
> network interface.  A java based dynamic website is typically not I/O 
> bound,
> but CPU bound, which posses a different set of challenges than a static FTP
> server.
> Alex.
> On 6/21/06, Andrew Miehs <> wrote:
>> Now that we are moving to the theoretical discussion, you will
>> probably want to have a look at

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