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From Mladen Adamovic <>
Subject Re: Tomcat's scalability
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 22:03:41 GMT
Biernatowski Bartosz J wrote:
> I am about 90% sure the bottleneck is Tomcat or what's running on top of
> Tomcat. Application uses JDBC queries to MS SQL server
> Chips are Intel Xeon. My monitoring data: 
> Memory utilization under 30%, CPU under 10%. Using hardcore performance
> tools and systematic approach. 
It means that you have some network or hard disk issue.
Handling of database with the large data.

> The bottom line is that Tomcat/my application combo don't seem to handle
> more than a certain number of users. All I want to do is to up the # of
> users by 3. 
By default it is much more than 3 AFAIK.

> So far it sounds that the approach of adding separate instance of Tomcat and
> using round robin is better than adding a separate JVM.
Tomcat will run in seperate JVM.

Your problem is NOT in Tomcat. I would site you have typical DB related 

Mladen Adamovic

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