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From Steffen Späthe <>
Subject multiple, parallel requests
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2006 07:58:17 GMT

first of all I am new at this mailing-list and would be very glad if 
subscribers of this list could help me.

As far as I understand the life cycle of a servlet in a 
tomcat-servlet-container, one instance of a servlet is created and when 
a request comes in, a thread is started with the service-methode.
In my understanding should an other thread been started with the 
service-methode, if the first thread is sill running and a new request 
comes in. If this isn´t correct, please correct me.

If this is correct, I don´t know what i´m doing wrong... It doesn´t work 
for me. Not in a really simple HttpSerlvet and not in an also simple 
JSP. To be more specific: my simple JSPs "needs" 5 sec. (just be 
sleep(5000) ) to finish. And if I send multiple requests to tomcat, one 
request is processed after the other... just like it is processed in a 
queue and not parallel. And not - JSP and Servlet are not implementing 

Has someone an hint for me?

Thank you very much,

steffen from germany

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