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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: HTTP-less GenericServlets - Was: Socket Servlet using Tomcat 5.5.17
Date Sat, 03 Jun 2006 00:12:08 GMT
(My opinion)

The servlet spec really only works for http based things. Trying to fit
anything else in will morph into a ainful kludge.

There are other apache projects out there such as avalon (or whatever
subprojects it broke into) which is probably more suited to this task.


Juergen Weber wrote:
> I have quite a similar problem as the original poster.
> I'd like to write a router for CORBA messages that
> should listen on a socket and forward the messages to
> JMS. Same as the OP I would like to host the code in
> Tomcat, to avoid having to handle all the threading
> and socket issues and still more importantly, to not
> have an additional process that would have to be
> monitored.
> I think, the Servlet API originally was designed to
> support http-less Servlets, else the separation
> between GenericServlet
> HttpServlet would not make sense.
>>>From the Servlet API doc:
> "Defines a generic, protocol-independent servlet. To
> write an HTTP servlet GenericServlet for use on the
> Web, extend HttpServlet instead."
> So, the problem is, right now it seems that Tomcat
> does not support GenericServlet, at least there is no
> way to call them without a http header line. Or ist
> there?
> An easy way were to just define a special non-http
> connector that listens on a separate port.
> The option to just add a "GET / HTTP/1.0" as was
> suggested would not work as a CORBA client certainly
> will not send that line.
> Supporting http-less GenericServlets would open up
> Tomcat to another class of applications.

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