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From David Wall <>
Subject Re: Webapp reload failing, but restarting tomcat allows webapp to load fine
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2006 00:13:24 GMT
On reading more in the release notes 
(, I figured 
I'd give the shared/lib idea a try.  I found that just by moving the 
BouncyCastle JCE jar into shared/lib and out of the WEB-INF/lib of the 
various webapps, all seems to work okay.

On another note, I tried moving log4j's JAR into shared/lib, but it 
didn't seem to work.  Even though each webapp has its own file in the WEB-INF/classes, with each pointing to a 
distinct log, when the log4j jar was put in shared/lib, all of the 
output from all of the webapps went into the same file.  So it seems to 
have some static initializations too that introduce this oddity.


David Wall wrote:
> Martin,
> Thanks for your suggestion, but it's unlikely that web.xml was 
> misconfigured just because of this TC upgrade (it wouldn't have needed 
> to change).  Also, when I restart tomcat (rather than just reload via 
> the manager), the webapp comes up just fine.  It's only on a reload 
> that things fail, and they didn't even fail under 5.5.12, but do under 
> 5.5.17.  It seems very likely this is related to a TC bug when 
> contexts are being reloaded with some classpath-related issue 
> remaining.  I know that such classpath issues can be tricky when the 
> webapp has to be dropped from the running JVM and then later added 
> back in.
> David
> Martin Gainty wrote:
>> If you check the logs ..more than likely you may be trying to pull a 
>> class that is not on classpath or maybe an aberrant configuration
>> abeerant config is servlet-mapping may be munged in web.xml HTH,
>> Martin --
>> ----- Original Message -----  
>>> It seems there's something that's gone "wrong" between TC 5.5.12 and 
>>> TC 5.5.17 as it relates to reloading webapps through the Manager 
>>> app.  I upgraded to get the fix related to webapp reloads for 
>>> listeners, and that seemed to work (on restart with a new web.xml, 
>>> it didn't call the listeners from the previous web.xml anymore).
>>> But I now get an odd error on restart related to decryption via 
>>> JCE.  I've not been able to track down why this is occuring, but it 
>>> seems to be related to some sort of context/classpath issue on the 
>>> reload.  This can be seen in that when I start tomcat, all of my 
>>> webapps load fine.  If I click to reload a webapp via the Manager, 
>>> that webapp will fail.  If I then restart tomcat, that webapp loads 
>>> fine again.
>>> Is this a known issue?  It may be related to other issues I've run 
>>> into with respect to JCE providers on reloads that did not occur in 
>>> 5.5.12.
>>> Thanks,
>>> David
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