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From David Wall <>
Subject Webapp reload failing, but restarting tomcat allows webapp to load fine
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2006 18:51:47 GMT
It seems there's something that's gone "wrong" between TC 5.5.12 and TC 
5.5.17 as it relates to reloading webapps through the Manager app.  I 
upgraded to get the fix related to webapp reloads for listeners, and 
that seemed to work (on restart with a new web.xml, it didn't call the 
listeners from the previous web.xml anymore). 

But I now get an odd error on restart related to decryption via JCE.  
I've not been able to track down why this is occuring, but it seems to 
be related to some sort of context/classpath issue on the reload.  This 
can be seen in that when I start tomcat, all of my webapps load fine.  
If I click to reload a webapp via the Manager, that webapp will fail.  
If I then restart tomcat, that webapp loads fine again.

Is this a known issue?  It may be related to other issues I've run into 
with respect to JCE providers on reloads that did not occur in 5.5.12.


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