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From Andrew Miehs <>
Subject Re: Restricting access to localhost for an HTTP connector - Email has different SMTP TO: and MIME TO: fields in the email addresses
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2006 13:16:56 GMT

as Peter wrote, have a look in /etc/hosts.

It probably looks like	localhost	testmachine

You should change this to	localhost testmachine

Just be careful if you are using Solaris - you may end up configuring  
your ethernet
to if you have not used a fully qualified domain name in / 



On 12/06/2006, at 3:08 PM, Peter Crowther wrote:

>> From: Mark Claassen []
>> Say Tomcat is on a machine called TestMachine.
>> If I put "" in the address field, it accepts
>> connections of the
>> form "http: //" only
>> It does not accept connections from "http:
>> //TestMachine/...", even though
>> the server is this same machine.
>> I was hoping that it would accept all connections from the
>> local machine,
>> regardless of what the connection was called.
>> Is there a way to do this?
> Yes.  Add ' TestMachine' into testmachine's /etc/hosts file.

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