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From Greg Gamble <>
Subject Apache 2 + Tomcat 5.0.28
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2006 07:14:04 GMT
Dear fellow-tomcat-users,

I have Apache 2 (as part of a `LAMP' install) and TomCat 5.0.28 installed
on a Debian Linux: 2.6.12-1-686 system
and I want to make Apache and Tomcat listen/connect to the same port.

After a little searching I found:

which describes how JK2 is a refactoring of JK which replaced JSERV,
but then I read else where that JK2 is no longer supported and all
the `useful' bits from JK2 are now in JK.

I ran into a lot of broken links at that page (including the `here'
link for getting the binaries). So I suspect there is better information,
elsewhere. If so, please tell me where to look.

I'll just ramble on for a bit ... though perhaps someone already knows
where I should be looking for the definitive info. ...

In trying to find the latest version of mod_jk to install, I came across
two files which I downloaded: 

... should I rename these? ... and if so, to what?

Looking at the install instructions for mod_jk it says to include a

   Include /var/tomcat3/conf/jk/mod_jk.conf-auto

in the Apache httpd.conf file, where /var/tomcat3 should be adjusted
to the appropriate directory for my Tomcat. I have no problem finding
the Apache httpd.conf file but in my tomcat/conf directory there is no
subdirectory jk ... so I'm wondering where this will come from? ...
what do I need to have done before hand to create this directory. The
documentation I was reading said:

`This file is created by enabling the Apache auto-configuration as described
in the Tomcat documentation.'

... but then I could not seem to find mention of it in the Tomcat docs.

I'm sure I've just been looking in all the wrong places. Can someone please
point me in the right direction? ... provide any short-cuts that they may
know? ... or any other info. that may seem pertinent?

Apologies if this is a query that has been answered over and over on this
list, and apologies for the overall length of this email.

  Greg Gamble <>

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