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From Andrew Miehs <>
Subject Re: Tomcat as a standalone webserver. Why not?
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2006 15:55:29 GMT
If you are running a big site with multiple servers, you do NOT want  
to run
Apache in front of your Tomcats -

All that you do is increase latency, and half your performance. The HTTP
connector in TC 5.x is more than adequate to deal with heavy traffic  

To be honest, I try not to use Apache at all any more, and tend  
towards lighttpd
- depending of course on the requirements.

We deliver our images via a separate url ie: and

We have the images delivered via a lighttpd, and our dynamic content  
via tomcat - we currently do our load balacing with an F5 BigIP for  
these two
fully qualified host names. Yes - you can do all sorts of snazzy  
things with
a proxy (like apache and mod_proxy/ mod_jk) out front - but I do not  
it is worth the cost of the performance that is lost...

We did some tests 2 years ago for our system and discovered, with  
Apache and TC
running on the same machine

With mod_jk, apache 2.0 and TC 5.0
50 requests/ sec

With just TC5.0
100 request/ sec


As for security - you have TC running in both cases - mod_jk passes  
the requests
unfiltered straight through....

Therefore by adding Apache, you are only adding something else to go  
wrong -
be broken - not solving any problems...


On 01/06/2006, at 5:39 PM, Nikola Milutinovic wrote:

> --- Tim Funk <> wrote:
>> Personally - I like having apache in front of tomcat because I  
>> find it easier
>> to do CGI, static content directory aliasing, and the volume of  
>> available
>> modules to be very convenient. It also allows my site to be up  
>> with a higher
>> uptime since I can restart / replace a tomcat and in those periods of
>> downtime - I can reconfigure apache to have an outage message.
> Hi Tim.
> And all of you out there. There is one thing that keeps bothering  
> me. I AM a
> configuration fanatic and when I build my own version of Apache  
> (Tru64 UNIX, in
> case anyone is screaming "use RPM!"), I tend to build it loaded  
> with modules,
> mod_jk1/2 included.

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