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From Mark Hagger <>
Subject painful slow start up with replication
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2006 09:18:58 GMT

I'm running a tomcat cluster with in-memory replication, two nodes in
fact, with around 15 webapps all of which are being replicated, and I'm
slightly surprised by the behaviour of the system when I start both
nodes simultaneously up from cold.

Basically as each node starts up it deploys the webapps sat in its
webapps directory and apparently tries to find another node to pull the
current sessions from, but since both nodes are starting at the same
time there are no nodes to pull from and so both nodes appear to sit
around waiting for some timeout level of time (I assume for the
stateTransferTimeout, which I've left as default 60 seconds).

The net result of this is that the system can take 15 minutes to start
up from cold....this is very very painful!

Obviously I don't want to reduce the stateTransferTimeout because I want
a starting node to be able to sync sessions if a single node is

Is there some secret configuration way to do something more sensible, or
am I forced to only start one node at a time (which will be slightly
tricky to achieve in truth).


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