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From "Adam Lipscombe" <>
Subject Tomcat 5.0 logging under windows
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2006 16:21:39 GMT
Hi Folks

I am using TC 5.0.28 with Windows.
By default it creates stdout.log and stderr.log in the logs directory.

I don't really mind what the log files are called but I would like them to
roll over daily.
Logging in our application is handled by the builtin java.util.logging
rather log4j.

Having read the documentation and archived questions I am confused. The docs
imply that a FileLogger config will do what I want by default, but I have
configured one in server.xml and the output still goes to stdout.log and

Also, the Windows "Configure Tomcat" utility allows you to start and stop
the service, but seems to call <TOMCAT_HOME>/bin/tomcat5.exe rather than
startup.bat. This utility has a configuration tab for the log files (named
stdout and stderr) but does not allow you to specify if they are rolled.

What is the relationship between the FileLogger config in server.xml and the
Windows "Configure Tomcat" utility ?

Does anyone know how to achieve what I want - to roll the stdout and stderr
logs every day at (say) midnight?

TIA -Adam

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