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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: 2.4 servlet spec compliance (getContextPath)
Date Mon, 15 May 2006 02:48:17 GMT

"Carlin Rogers" <> wrote in message
> Hi Tomcat Users,
> I was wondering if anyone knows of documentation or forum discussions 
> around
> areas of the Java Sevlet Spec that Tomcat does not support. I noticed that
> the Tomcat implementation for HttpServletRequest getContextPath() returns 
> a
> decoded string. The 2.3 and 2.4 spec and the API documentation state that
> "the container does not decode this string." As an application programmer,
> it is difficult to determine the best way to handle different behavior
> across containers when they do not conform to the spec. Anyway, I decided 
> to
> log a bug on Tomcat. See...
> I was a little surprised by the response and the fact that development
> didn't seem too interested in the issue...
> "First of all, let me state that I don't care at all about the
> nonsensical things
> the specification says, and which has slipped in for whatever unintended 
> reason.
> I will let you reopen the report if you wish to, but will ignore it 
> completely,
> and let me assure you this will never get fixed."

Probably true.  It adds way too much complexity to the code, for very little 
gain.  As a simple example, consider:
GET /my%20app%2fmy%20servlet%2fmy%20path%20info HTTP/1.1

> It's not a big deal, and I'll live with the decision but I was curious if
> there were posts or information about the process to determine what parts 
> of
> the spec were not essential or just not clear.

Pretty much all of them have been discussed at length on dev@tomcat and/or 
BZ.  The archives are your friend :).

> Is there information on any other areas of the spec that Tomcat has chosen
> not to implement or conform to? Granted, the spec is not always clear and
> there's room for interpretation, but it would be nice to know in advance
> where one might see divergence in containers. Thanks for any info.

Off the top of my head:
1)  Extension-mapped welcome-pages -- Tomcat requires a physical resource to 
be present to use it.
2)  Flush after a forward -- The following doesn't work as expected:
    try {
        rd.forward(request, response);
    } finally {
       doSomeLongAndComplexDbUpdate(request, response);
3)  Tomcat catches most cases, but doesn't strictly enforce that the 
Request/Response passed to an include/forward *must* be either the original 
Request/Response, or a Request/ResponseWrapper that wraps the orignal 

> Kind regards,
> Carlin

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