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From Jack <>
Subject Tomcat and CRL(s) Certification Revocation Lists
Date Fri, 05 May 2006 14:31:38 GMT

I have already gotten Tomcat to work with a (single) CRL, and as it
was a bit of a struggle have placed some info for those trying to do
this at [1]. The document is far from perfect, and any comments are

Now to the questions:
1. Is it possible to swap out the CRL (ie overwrite it with a newer
one) and have the changes picked up without a restart?

1.a. if a restart is needed is it enough to restart Tomcat or jboss be

2. Is it possible to use multiple CRLs (by pointing at a directory for example)?

2.a. if so would changes to this directory be dynamically read?

2.b. if not where is a good place (for me) to start looking at how to
implement this?

I would like to somehow have dynamic CRL loading (so something that
can do this without restarting either jboss or tomcat). I am not picky
as to it being a single CRL or a directory of same.


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