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From "Bob Thompson" <>
Subject Can;t connect Tomcat and Apache 1.3.34
Date Wed, 10 May 2006 23:21:14 GMT
We are having a problem getting Apache to talk to Tomcat. 

We installed Apache and Tomcat using Windows executables. We are running
Tomcat 4.1.31  and Apache 1.3.34. This is on Windows 2000. These are
plain vanilla, "out of the box" installs so far. 

When we start Apache and Tomcat and try to connect to the
HelloWorldExample we get the following error in the Apache logs:

* No such file or directory: Error while opening the workers, jk will
not work

The HelloWorldExample works fine if we connect directly to Tomcat's
port, so it appears that the connector between Apache and Tomcat is

All the appropriate files seem to be correct, including server.xml
(which has the AJP connector defined), and httpd.conf
(which points to the and JK_module and defines the
Tomcat webapps to be connected to). We copied the
mod_jk_1.2.6_1.3.31.dll to the modules directory under apache. This
works on several other machines with similar configurations and similar

Trying to reproduce it on a working machine, if I change the path in
httpd.conf for the file or the jk_module to a bogus
path, then Apache won't start at all. So, it doesn't appear to be that. 

I am somewhat stuck. I can't reproduce it on other machines and I can't
find any resolution searching the web. I have seen several places where
people reported this issue, but no appropriate resolutions. 

Can anyone help? I will happily provide more details as necessary. 

P.S. - I am new to this mailing list so forgive my rookie-ness. 

Thank You,
Bob Thompson

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