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From Alex Michael <>
Subject JDBCRealm new user automatic authentication
Date Mon, 29 May 2006 18:43:08 GMT

I am using form-based authentication for my app and all seem to work 
well with the basic login of the system.  However, when a new user 
registers for an account, it appears I am required to send the user back 
to the login form, thus forcing a user to enter information twice, one 
in the registration form and one in the login form.  I would ultimately 
like to hook into the JDBCRealm and call the authenticate(userName,pwd) 
method myself, but understand the danger if that method were available 
to the servlet.  In the interim, I would at least like to find some 
secure method (w/o sending username/pwd back to browser) to be used as a 
workaround to avoid the duplication of information.

I have searched through the archives and it seems the last time this 
question was asked was in April 2004.  I didn't know if there has been 
any updates to the JDBCRealm since that point or whether anyone had a 
better suggestion for an already configured user manager.  My data is 
stored in a MySQL database and any solution would require authentication 
by verifying information in the database.

I appreciate any info you can provide.

Alex Michael

p.s. - I am using Tomcat 5.5.17

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