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From "R. Christian Call" <>
Subject Re: Can't build Tomcat 4: Help!?
Date Fri, 19 May 2006 21:49:11 GMT
Actually, I eventually was able to build it without downloading JSX; but 
there were several things I needed to do that didn't appear in the 
BUILDING.txt file:

1. I had to downloat jakarta-tomcat-connectors using svn, because it's 
not available any other way that I could find.  To build version 4.1.24 
of Tomcat, I used the TOMCAT_4_1_25 tag (there was no 4.1.24 tag for the 
connectors).  I also built Tomcat 4.1.31, but I found that the 
TOMCAT_4_1_31 tagged version of the connectors didn't work, though I 
found that the 4_1_25 did.  Go figure.

2. I had to download jakarta-tomcat-jasper, which the BUILD.txt doesn't 
say anything about.

3. I had to make a jakarta-tomcat-connectors directory both at the same 
level of the directory tree as jakarta-tomcat, and one as a subdirectory 
in jakarta-tomcat.

4. I had to use the *exact* versions of the various commons packages 
that were specified in the sample file, despite the 
"version xxx or later" verbiage.  Later versions simply wouldn't work.

5. For 4.1.31, I needed to download another package 
(commons-modeler-1.1) that isn't mentioned in BUILD.txt, but that shows 
up in the sample file for this Tomcat version.

If you're so inclined, you might want to note some or all of the above 
things in the BUILD.txt file, to make things easier for others in the 


Mark Thomas wrote:
> R. Christian Call wrote:
>> I could use some help in getting Tomcat 4 to build.
>> I've downloaded the source for Tomcat 4.1.31, and I've installed the
>> various other packages required by steps 1-11, as documented in
>> BUILDING.txt, yet I still seem to be missing some pieces--at this point,
>> the build is complaining that doesn't exist.
>> I'd appreciate any help that anyone could offer.
>> Thanks,
>> Chris
> There is an undocumented dependancy on JMX for building the connectors.
> You need to include the JMX library. I'll update BUILDING.txt
> For the record, it is only required for building.
> mark
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