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From David Kerber <>
Subject Re: javamail for numerous mail servers on tomcat
Date Fri, 19 May 2006 13:16:03 GMT
Dynamically-defined mail servers work fine in Tomcat; I'd be in deep 
kimshe if they didn't.  Here are some excerpts from the code I use:

                  Properties props = new Properties();
                  props.put( "", <however you get the 
server name> );
                  Session mailSession = 
Session.getDefaultInstance(props, null);
                  msg= new MimeMessage(mailSession);
                  fromAddress = new InternetAddress( <however you get 
the FROM address> );
                  msg.setFrom( fromAddress );
                          msg.setSubject( <the subject line> );

                          msg.setText( <the message body content> );


lio tomcat wrote:

> Hello world,
> I'm trying to use javamail api in order to fecth/sen mails in a tomcat 
> servlet.
> Sor far, it's fine. more : it works.
> But my needs are going beyond this firsyt step.
> As i understand, the mail servers (smtp, pop, ...) are defined as
> resources in tomcat (or watever servlet) in its specific config file
> (server.xml).
> Then the servlet is able to retrieve one of these server throught a
> context, a session and a transport objects. Right?
> My aim is to build dynamically (by the servlet) a transport with
> parameters received in request. Clear?
> By the way, i read :
> "In general, applications should not need to use the classes in this
> package directly.
> Instead, they should use the APIs defined by javax.mail package (and
> subpackages).
> Applications should never construct instances of SMTPTransport directly.
> Instead, they should use the Session method getTransport to acquire an
> appropriate Transport object. "
> (see : 
> file:///C:/lionel/dwd/sw/javamail-1_4/javamail-1.4/docs/javadocs/index.html?index-filesindex-1.html)

> So i'm wondering how i should use the Session method getTransport to
> acquire an appropriate Transport object.
> Or if i should let javamail down and look for another solution.
> Any comment/idea/link is welcome
> thx,

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