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From Abid Hussain <>
Subject tomcat doesn't deliver page on first call
Date Thu, 18 May 2006 09:32:49 GMT
Hi everybody,

After restarting Tomcat (5.0.28), it doesn't deliver the requested 
jsp-page on the first calls.

I have to hit about 5-8 times the reload-button until tomcat delivers 
the requested page (e.g. index.jsp).
Also this problem sometimes turns up when calling servlets for the first 
time after restart, even when tomcat is running already for about 10 

Is this a normal behavior? Is there anything to do in the configuration 
files (server.xml, etc.) about this?

Maybe this Problem is because the machine where tomcat is running on (1 
GHZ CPU, 512MB RAM) is not powerful enough?

Has anyone an idea about this?

Best Regards,



Abid Hussain

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