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From Martyn Hiemstra <>
Subject Re: Help!Tomcat crashes:Waiting for instance(s) to be deallocated
Date Thu, 11 May 2006 08:26:11 GMT
Hi Starki78

I had this problem when using a singelton class that stored a datasource 
in it. Everytime I pressed F5 really fast the web server would hang and 
when I shutdown I got that same message. Apparently when pressing F5 
very fast instead of the singelton only using 1 datasource (The one in 
the singelton) it loaded 5 datasources and then the connection pool was 
full. Since the pool timeouts where set to 5 minutes the server would 
appear to hang when in actual fact my code was waiting for an available 

I also get this when debugging my tomcat server using eclipse. If I'm 
debugging and one of the server threads is still debugging and I 
shutdown the server I get this message as well.

I'm guessing that somewhere alot of threads are waiting to finish. The 
fact that you have 536 instances to be deallocated could mean you have a 
serious flaw in your code.


starki78 schreef:
> Hi, we are working with Tomcat 4.1:
> I didn't find a proper cause in the log-files.
> Can someone help me please?
> How could this be possible??
> 2006-05-11 06:53:35 StandardWrapper[/pss:action]: Waiting for 74 instance(s) to be deallocated
> 2006-05-11 06:53:36 StandardWrapper[/pss:jsp]: Waiting for 1 instance(s) to be deallocated
> 2006-05-11 06:53:36 StandardWrapper[/pss:default]: Waiting for 536 instance(s) to be
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