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From Fabio Gurgone <>
Subject Re: Tomcat config with APACHE and mutliple VHOST
Date Mon, 08 May 2006 13:48:42 GMT
>  What is a trouble for us is this
>> Other file that needs editing is First thing. Add 
>> the connection name to the worker.list
>>         worker.list=ajp12, ajp13, connect_id
>> Next add that connection to the worker
>>         worker.connect_id.port=8112
>>         worker.connect_id.type=ajp13
> Ok we add a connexion name, but it means to create a 
> for every vhosts ? Basicly it means we have to 
> restart apache/tomcat every time we add a new vhost ? also where the 
> should be ? in the vhost documentroot ? in the 
> tomcat dir ? in the WEB-INF dir of every vhosts ? I think it is this 
> last case no ?
It's enought to define only one worker because that is the link between 
apache and tomcat (in fact in server.xml you declare only one ajp 

Many connectors (usually) mean many tomcat instances.


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