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From "Steve Morrison" <>
Subject 404 error for request before tomcat 5.5 fully started
Date Tue, 02 May 2006 14:30:49 GMT

I'm migrating an application with a lot of JSPs from tomcat 4.1.x to 5.5.x.
I've found that if I send more than one request to tomcat 5.5 immediately
after it starts accepting connections, the request will result in a 404.
If I send just one request, that request will wait and then complete correctly.
If I wait until I get the "INFO: Server startup in xxxxx ms" or even a
few seconds before, the request works fine.  I've found that it takes a
lot longer for pre-compiled JSP classes to load in 5.5 vs. 4.1.

This is all with the tomcat HTTP connecter (no jk).  A thread dump shows
that there are no HTTP Processor threads started until I get the
"INFO: Server startup..." message, only a main thread.  It looks like
 await() is called and then the classloader does it's thing.

An additional problem is that I have a jsp file registered as an error
handler for 404 errors.  Tomcat tries to load this page, but my debugging
shows there is no pageContext when this happens, and I get a nearly 
infinite stack trace.  Again, if I wait until the server is fully loaded, 
it works fine.  If I only send 1 request when it starts up, it works fine. 
But more than one request causes the errors.  Is there no request queue
until the server is fully started?


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