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From Mark Eggers <>
Subject Re: Site Configuration on 5.5.15 Pt 2
Date Mon, 08 May 2006 18:44:32 GMT
There are probably a couple of things going on here.

On the <Alias>name</Alias>, do you really need Tomcat
to respond to the host name of www?  You probably just
want Tomcat to respond to and  I don't think the
<Alias>www</Alias> is necessary.

It looks like is a CNAME for  A CNAME is resolved to the
underlying name, so I think the resolution goes like

a) is a CNAME for 
b) is used to get the address

Google comes back with in its search

Instead of a CNAME, you could use a separate A record
to resolve to your web site. 
That still would leave you with a certificate problem
if someone entered in the browser
address bar.

Maybe reversing the CNAME entries is what you need. 
In other words: IN A     IN CNAME

That would get Google to return
in irs search results. There would still be a
certificate issue if someone typed
in the browser address bar.

Some thoughts on a solution:

a) Not respond to as a web site.
b) Virtual host that responds to 
   consisting of a single page with a redirect to

Just some random thoughts . . . .


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