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From Michal Fleischhans <>
Subject JDBC connection pooling problem
Date Tue, 02 May 2006 08:50:45 GMT
Hi all,
I have a problem with connection pooling.
- about 30 applications using the pool
- each application uses 1 DB username/password (30 users)
imagine following situation:
Only 1 application works hard, the others do nothing. This application  
takes for example 80% of all possible connections to the DB, store  
them in a pool and reuses them too often. The other 29 applications  
become fully loaded BUT they have only 20% of resources (possible  
connections) together, becouse the first application still holds and  
reuses the 80% of connections. Is there any way how to manage this  
problem, so that all applications have the same amount of resources  
when they all are fully loaded ? To tell JDBC pool that every DB user  
(application) can use only 1/30 of possible connections doesn't  
resolve the problem, because when only one application is working,  
it's using only 1/30 of possible connections even if the other 29/30  
are free to use.

thanks in advance

Michal, Bno - Czech Republic

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