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From "Tim Lucia" <>
Subject RE: Encoding & problem In special character in xls and txt upload
Date Mon, 01 May 2006 11:32:31 GMT
The XLS file is not encoded using the expected encoding scheme (iso-latin-1,
according to this post).  Simply expecting the file to be encoded in such a
way (or telling tomcat to expect it) does not make it so.  You must save the
file using the expected encoding, or you can translate it if you know what
encoding it is using 

(Does an upload include this information?  I am not sure)

[From Excel help, search for "encoding" and you will get]

Set the language encoding for a Web page

When you are authoring a Web page, you can specify the encoding that a Web
browser will use to display the page.

On the Tools menu, click Options. 
Click the General tab, and then click Web Options. 
In the Web Options dialog box, click the Encoding tab. 
Do one of the following:
To specify the language code that your Office application uses to display
the page if the page is not already displayed with the correct language
encoding, click the language you want in the Reload the current document as
list. This setting is also used when subsequent pages are loaded if the
language encoding cannot be determined. 

To specify the language code for saving the page, click the language you
want in the Save this document as list. 

Note   To have your Office application always save your pages by using
default language encoding, select the Always save Web pages in the default
encoding check box. This setting affects the current page and future pages
that you save. This setting is useful if you reuse pages from other sources
and want to store every page in one encoding.

BTW, this doesn't appear to be a tomcat question...


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Sent: Monday, May 01, 2006 4:46 AM
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Subject: Encoding & problem In special character in xls and txt upload 

Gurus I am doing an xls & text upload in parallel and inserting data into
data base.
When I am viewing data I find the data through txt upload is comming
correct and through xls upload is comming wrong.

I am doign this with thease four  character Š š Ž ž  I am using iso-latin-1
encoding. My mail concern is why data come correct using txt file and not
xls file upload.

I am using POI api for uploading & Webspaher Server
Please guide , needed urgently.

Thanks a lot
Birendar S Waldiya

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