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From "Pascal" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat config with APACHE and mutliple VHOST
Date Mon, 08 May 2006 14:47:16 GMT
Thank you Fabio

You don't have to create a connector per IP ? or vhost ?
I only have to create a connector for localhost ? and for both no ssl port 
and ssl port ?

We have few IP and Few domains per IP

I'm sorry I'm a newbie in Tomcat.

To resume I have to
Define virtualhost in server.xml
Define a connector in server.xml
And define only ONE ?

In the exemple here he, in 
fact, declare a worker.list with different protocol ajp12, ajp13 and a 
connecter_id and then define for every vhost a

In this case it means few instances of Tomcat. So in how I 
delcare few vhosts/IP knowing there is few IPs

A localhost worker definition is enough and allow to have only one isntance 
of Tomcat for every vhost on every IPs ?

is that correct ?

Thanks for your help

>>  What is a trouble for us is this
>>> Other file that needs editing is First thing. Add the 
>>> connection name to the worker.list
>>>         worker.list=ajp12, ajp13, connect_id
>>> Next add that connection to the worker
>>>         worker.connect_id.port=8112
>>>         worker.connect_id.type=ajp13
>> Ok we add a connexion name, but it means to create a 
>> for every vhosts ? Basicly it means we have to restart apache/tomcat 
>> every time we add a new vhost ? also where the should 
>> be ? in the vhost documentroot ? in the tomcat dir ? in the WEB-INF dir 
>> of every vhosts ? I think it is this last case no ?
> It's enought to define only one worker because that is the link between 
> apache and tomcat (in fact in server.xml you declare only one ajp 
> connector).
> Many connectors (usually) mean many tomcat instances.
> Fabio
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