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From Rajarshi Guha <>
Subject multiple axis webapps
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2006 22:30:55 GMT
Hi, I'm not sure if this is a Tomcat problem or something to do with AXIS.
If the latter apologies for posting it here.

I have a Tomcat server that is providing a set of AXIS webservices as well
as another webapp that simply displays a welcome page.

Recently, I wanted to set up another AXIS based webservice which had to be
separate from the original services.

Thus my $CATALINE_HOME/webapps directory looked like:


where axis/ and XYZ/ were my preexisting webapps. 

newapp/ is simply a copy of axis/. 

When I restart Tomcat and try doing: http://localhost:8080/newapp/ I get a
404 error message. However doing http://localhost:8080/axis/ works fine as
does the same thing for the XYZ webapp.

My problem is: I can't remember how I need to set up a new webapp. I
digged through the config files for Tomcat and there are no references to
my preexisting services. Furthermore I had figured that Tomcat would
simply invoke the webapp based on the name in the URL. The web.xml file
for the newapp webapp is identical to the one for the AXIS webapp (except
for the name of the attachments directory).

I'm totally stumped and any pointers would be appreciated.


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